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VoIP PBX systems are a practical telecommunication solution for all types of businesses. The remarkable advantage of small and home office VoIP PBX systems is that the PBX functions can be utilized without purchasing and installing costly PBX equipment and software. The various call handling functions in the system can be incorporated into your existing telephone connection, thus eliminating the need for new telephone lines. Moreover, several extension lines can be maintained any time from a single Sangoma UAE connection.


VoIP PBX phone system is incorporated with efficient call handling functionalities such as find me follow me call forwarding, auto attendant, voicemail, call waiting, fax mail, call conferencing and more. These features can be personalized, based on your particular requirements. 


PBX phone systems help small businesses to provide superior customer support services by managing business calls in a professional style. Besides, with this phone system your business organization can experience a noticeable decrease in telephone bills, as calls to national and overseas locations can be made at economical charges. PBX systems offer numerous benefits for small business enterprises.


From an existing telephone connection limitless extensions can be maintained; therefore your business can be expanded without making additional investments. IP based VOIP system with PBX features like Yealink IP Phones is an ideal choice for your small business that will help to boost your business productivity and reduce telecommunication charges. Small business owners can maintain a good business relationship with their potential customers all the time, with the support of this time and cost-saving PBX systems.


Some other features of the IP PBX systems are: 

o Dial by name 

o Dial by extension 

o Call conferencing 

o Caller ID 

o Fax mail

 o Voice to email 

o Find me follow me 


Hosted phone systems have calling features with customizable options. Such phone systems can ideally meet your company's growing needs and function in a way that streamlines the entire communication process. 


Apart from basic communication services, business PBX systems provide facilities such as caller ID, call screening, call forwarding, music on hold, call waiting, voicemail, fax-to-email and much more.


Auto Attendant - An Effective Substitute for Call Answering Personnel 

With a PBX phone system, the overheads involved in keeping additional personnel for answering telephone calls can be eliminated. Incoming calls are answered by the built-in auto attendant with recorded welcome messages. Calls are connected to the appropriate extensions according to the menu option selected by the caller. Multiple calls coming in simultaneously to your primary business number are managed by this virtual receptionist with outstanding proficiency.


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